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Chuck Walther
'Charles Walther has BS degrees in both chemistry and chemical engineering and is a Professional Engineer in five states. Over a 40 year career, he has worked in industry, government, private consulting, and public health. He has designed equipment and supervised the clean-up of over 200 petroleum contaminated sites. He has also been involved with the manufacture of several special chemicals used in homes and cleaning. Finally he has worked within government starting some of the more innovative storage tank cleanup program. He received a National Association of Counties Achievement Award for this work in 1992. Recently he has worked in public health, making sure the citizens of Lee County Florida received clean, safe drinking water. Besides engineering, he is also a historian, especially in the history of science and engineering. An avid science fiction reader since age 12, he has spoken on many Worldcon panels on historical, engineering, and science fiction topics.'
Interstellar Trade in an STL Universe
From Rockets to Rhetoric
Space Battles