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Tad Daley
'Tad Daley, JD, Ph.D, is an international affairs policy wonk, nonfiction author, and SF geek. He has served as speechwriter for both Congressman Dennis Kucinich and the late U.S. Senator Alan Cranston, and for many years as a policy analyst at the RAND Corporation. His first book, Apocalypse Never: Forging the Path to a Nuclear Weapon-Free World, from Rutgers University Press, was released in paperback and on Kindle in Spring 2012. Itís cheap! Please buy it! He has just commenced work on a second book on the history and future of the ancient idea, dating back at least to Dante and quite prevalent in SF since the dawn of the genre, that something like a Federal Republic of the World can someday serve as the solution to the problem of war. He has almost completed work on a fully functional time machine, and will offer Chicon members one free roundtrip ticket to anywhen, IF you provide a compelling explanation for why you believe that time to be the most fascinating time of all time.'
Ethics of the Near Future
Democracy Is the Worst Form of Government, Can`t We Do Better?
The Zeitgeist Movement
Inner Space vs. Outer Space
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