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Lillian Cauldwell
'Write paranormal multi-cultural mysteries for young adults: The Anna Mae Mysteries: The Golden Treasure (Book 1) and The Anna Mae Mysteries: The Seven Keys of Solomon to be released this July; Sacred Honor, historical science fiction and historical fantasy, The Final Codices: Revelations. Also write Black Comedy & Theatre of the Absurd plays on social & cultural issues. Mentor Jr. & Sr. high school students in writing their first novel. Own & Operate an Internet talk radio network, PWRTALK. Own & operate a 3-D e-book publishing company, HSJ Publishing LLC. One non fiction book, Teenagers! Bewildered Parentís Guide, received 2 awards from parenting groups on teenís behavior. Wrote short stories for in their "Do A Good Deed" charitable section. Train authors how to "give" an interview and how to "take" an interview. My motto: Distinguish Yourself From the Ordinary!'
Autograph Session 1
The Exploration of Gender Roles in Science Fiction
Social Media for Writers
Effective Habits for Aspiring Authors
Reading: Lillian Cauldwell
The Science Fiction Film in the Classroom
Magical Realism vs. Traditional Fantasy