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W A (Bill) Thomasson
'Bill Thomasson is a professional medical writer with a background in biochemistry. His current work focuses on assisting biomedical researchers with their journal articles and grant applications. He also thinks of himself as a very amateur futurist with a broad interest in speculating on scientific advances, social/political issues, and their interactions. Bill became legally blind in 2000, at age 63, and currently serves as volunteer Treasurer for Chicago’s annual Disability Pride Parade. He has been reading science fiction since his local library got a copy of the just-released Rocket Ship Galileo but came late to convention fandom-his first con was Windycon VII in 1980. He has been a regular panelist at Chicago-area cons for the past 20 years and at Worldcons since 2000. At Chicon 7 you will frequently find him staffing the disability services table.'
Governing the Solar System
Interstellar Trade in an STL Universe
Transhumanism and Space Exploration
Space Medicine: The Ultimate House Call
The Prime Directive: Altruism or Survival Strategy?
Dragons for Real?
SF and science now