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Edward M. Lerner
'Edward M. Lerner worked in high tech for 30 years, as everything from engineer to senior vice president, for much of that time writing science fiction as a hobby. Since 2004 Ed has written full-time, and his novels run the gamut from technothrillers, like Small Miracles and Energized, to traditional SF, like the InterstellarNet series, to collaborating with Larry Niven on the grand space epic Fleet of Worlds series of Ringworld companion novels. Edís short fiction has appeared in anthologies, collections, and many of the usual SF magazines. A physicist and computer scientist by training, he also writes the occasional nonfiction technology article.'
Interstellar Trade in an STL Universe
Autograph Session 1
Kaffeeklatsch: Edward M. Lerner
Science in SF
Inner Space vs. Outer Space