Art Show

Chicon 8 will be hosting an art show featuring the art of our Guest of Honor, Floyd Norman, as well as numerous other speculative artists, both professional and amateur. It’s being brought to you by the team of Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink, Jerome Scott, and a cast of thousands (okay, okay, we exaggerate, a cast of 10s). We are excited about it and looking forward to all the fun stuff planned.

Not only will art be on display throughout the convention, but much of the art will also be for Lots of things are in the works for the Art Show, where you can browse and buy all kinds of amazing artwork!

  • A reception with the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists (ASFA) and the Chesley Awards
  • A print shop
  • Demonstration spaces available in the art show
  • A showing of the art of our Artist Guest of Honor Floyd Norman
  • A special exhibit of the collections of ours Guests of Honor: Erle Korshak and Edie Stern and Joe Siclari
  • A showing of the best of #GeeksWhoInk (the Chicon version of #Inktober)
  • A showing of all the Rotsler Award winners and their art
  • An art auction brought to you by the Dorsai Irregulars auctioneer team, always a fun time!

In short, everything you would expect at a Worldcon art show and more.

There will be quicksale in addition to the normal silent and voice bidding process. Pieces sold by quicksale will be requested to remain on display until the end of
the show.

We are exploring what options we will be able to provide for virtual attendees.

Both panel and table spaces will be available for artists. Pricing on panels and table spaces are still being worked out and will be up on the Chicon 8 site by end of November 2021. A list of artists who will be displaying will appear in mid-2022.