Dealers’ Room

Chicon 2000 Dealers Room, photo courtesy of

A Dealers Room awaits you at Chicon! This is the place to shop for wonderful finds of all kinds of merchandise that are science fiction, fantasy, literary, cinematic, musical, and art related. We will have dealers in all kinds of things for you to peruse and pursue in person! If you like books, t-shirts, costume accessories, jewelry, art prints, more books, crafts, gaming supplies, or other items you’ll find it in the Chicon 8 Dealers Room. If you wish to shop online with our dealers before or after the convention you’ll be able to find that information on the website in summer 2022!

Both tables and booths will be available for dealers to reserve. Pricing for both are being finalized and will be up on the Chicon 8 site by end of January 2022. A list of dealers who will be displaying will be available mid-2022.