Ad Astra: To the Stars and Back Again

Chicon 8 may be over, but for many of our members, so many wonderful memories were made in five short days. And as the Chengdu committee reminded us during the closing ceremony, welcoming us in song to celebrate Worldcon 2023, we have a lot to look forward to as a community.

During the closing ceremonies, Chicon 8 staff members were recognized for their tremendous efforts, including David Kushner for 50 hours of volunteer work and Marinda Darnell, staff member of the year. We also learned that Tamora’s Legends sponsored 20 children and their families at the convention.

Chicon Party awards were as follows:

  • Best Food: Discon 3
  • Best Drink: Glasgow 24 (The Glasgow Gimlet)
  • Best Overall: The Royal Manticoran Navy
  • Hospitality/Community Choice: Seattle 2025

Remember, you can still view virtual panels and content through Airmeet with your Chicon 8 membership. The Hugo Award Ceremony is also available through YouTube, regardless of membership status.

Now, let’s take one final look at some of the memories made along the way, whether it be an unforgettable night at the Hugo Award Ceremony or one last stroll through Chicago.

Safe journeys, everyone, and may the enthusiasm of Worldcon be your guiding star in the days to come!

One Enchanted Evening: Hugos 2022

All Good Things: Closing Ceremonies

Stroll with the Stars

The Star Trek Improv group gave the ASL interpreters uniform shirts for Friday’s event. We’re all very glad they didn’t get red shirts.

He looks rather mischievous…

Stephen Korshak with the collection

Fan Guests of Honor, Joe and Edie Seclari, joined their interview audience for a group photo

When it comes to the future, the sky’s the limit…

You have how many ribbons?

Did you accumulate a lot of badge ribbons throughout your Worldcon 2022 journey? Who are we kidding? Of course you did!

We would love to feature your ribbon collection in this post. In the days to come, please send a photo of yourself waving your ribbons proudly to! It could also just be a photo of the ribbons by themselves… or a ribbon you’re particularly proud of getting… or the lovely origami hat you fashioned out of convention ribbons.

You may hide your name on the badge for privacy reasons, but we will also blur out names before posting them in our gallery.

Special thanks to Suzan Spitzberg for contributing to the Closing Ceremonies report and Michael Nelson for Hugo Award and Closing Ceremonies photography.

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