Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Worldcon?
Worldcon, or the World Science Fiction Convention, is the annual gathering of science fiction and fantasy fans, writers, artists, musicians and other creators from across the globe. First held in New York City in 1939, Worldcon moves around the globe, held in a different city and organized by a different volunteer organization each year.
Worldcon originally focused on and still has a strong emphasis on science fiction and fantasy literature, but has grown to include genre television, movies, animation, games and other popular media as well. It has truly become the world’s fair of science fiction and fantasy fandom. No other event brings together fans and creators, regardless of genre or medium, under one big tent with the face-to-face intimacy of Worldcon.

Who is your convention chair?

The Chair is Helen Montgomery.
Helen has worked on multiple Worldcons in various roles, including Vice Chair (2012), Chair’s Advisor (2011), Division Head (2008, 2014, 2019), and Convention Center Liaison (2013). She has been the Chair’s Advisor for two NASFiCs (2014, 2017). She has also worked on her home convention, Capricon, since 2000 in a variety of roles, including Chair (2009, 2010), Board member, and Board President.

If you aren’t sponsored by a local fan group, who is on your board of directors?

The Corporate Board of Directors are: Helen Montgomery, Dave McCarty, Sandra Levy, Barbara vanTilburg, Gary Agin, Bill Thomasson, and Siobhan Murphy.

  • President of the Board: Dave McCarty
  • Board Secretary: Jason Spitzer
  • Treasurer: Shirley McKinzey
What type of weather can we expect during your convention? What is the average temperature during that time of year?
Average temperatures are generally between 63°-82°F / 17°-28°C. It might rain occasionally but it’s usually pretty nice over Labor Day weekend.
What changes or challenges do you expect the current pandemic to present?
We do not yet have a good idea of the state of the world in 2022.  The challenge that presents is that we have to remain flexible in our planning to make sure that we are protecting the health and safety of our members as required by the state of the world we are faced with then.
Have you planned for a virtual component to your convention?
We are considering virtual options for the convention, but as stated above, it’s too early to say for sure what will happen.
What is a notable aspect of your local fan culture and how do you plan to incorporate it into your Worldcon?
Chicago has a huge fannish culture. In addition to the two large literary-based conventions (Capricon and Windycon), there are two large comic-cons, Midwest Furfest, Anime Central, many smaller, niche conventions, and several online groups to promote fannish activity (one of the longer running ones, Chicago Nerd Social Club, has nearly 5000 members).
Our hope is to incorporate aspects from all of Chicago’s fannish areas. Additionally, we look forward to incorporating traditions and ideas from other Midwest fannish groups.

Also, the party scene at Chicago conventions is amazing. That will definitely be a thing at a Chicago Worldcon.