Exhibits comprises a number of displays, activities, and areas that are available during the entire convention.  Along with space to sit and socialize, the exhibits areas include:

Art Show

The art show will have both 2d and 3d art on display, and will be located in the main part of the hotel.  Original pieces and prints will be available for purchase.  

Artists wishing to show their work can sign up here.

Artemis Bridge Simulator with the Royal Manticoran Navy

ATTENTION SOLARIANS, After the Defeat of the Battle Fleet by the Grand Fleet at the Battle of Sol, we have set up a remote Saganami Island Naval Academy Annex in the Solarian League capital of Chicago. We will hold open entrance exams for admission into the Combined Naval Academies of the Grand Alliance via Simulator.

THE GRAND ALLIANCE NEEDS YOU…to come fly a spaceship in a cooperative game for 2 to 6 people.

The Royal Manticoran Navy is running Artemis Bridge Simulator in the Exhibit hall from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. most days of the convention. So come and bring your friends to take Helm, Weapons, Science, Comms, Engineering, and whoever shows up last has to be Captain. Come play a variety of scenarios ranging in difficulty from milk run to Kessel Run (untimed). Also we will have a sign up sheet if you want to do a pick up game too with some TRMN members to fill out positions. We look forward to gaming with you at Chicon 8.


When the schedule goes live, you can check to see which pros will be available to sign autographs. Meet your favorite authors!

Costume Repair Space

Costume catastrophe? Masquerade meltdown? Chicon 8 has got you covered! From safety pins to sewing machines, duct tape to hot glue, Chicon 8 Costume Repair has what you need to turn busted back into brilliant. Visit us in the Exhibit Hall near the autograph tables, and get your cosplay back to looking its best!

Dealers’ Room

Looking to shop for something special?  The Dealers’ Room has books, clothing and costumes, jewelry, games, collectibles, toys, art and more. We have a list of confirmed dealers.

Spaces are still available for dealers. Read our Dealers’ FAQ to learn how to apply.

Discworld Exhibit

The 2022 Discworld Exhibit celebrates 50 years of Sir Terry Pratchett’s books, particularly his humorous fantasy series set on the Discworld. Explore Sir Terry’s works through this selection of objects, chosen from official merchandise, fan art, and antiques, and learn about new Pratchett projects on the horizon. Chat with Discworld fans acting as Discworld Docents in the Exhibit, ready to give you a guided tour and answer your questions about Sir Terry’s life and legacy.

Fan Tables

Stop by and say hello to the bids, local conventions, clubs, and community groups in the Fan Tables area. Representatives from a variety of organizations will be available to answer your questions and make connections.


Fanac.org, founded by Chicon Guests of Honor Edie Stern and Joe Siclari, preserves fan history by scanning fanzines and convention publications and by building Fancyclopedia, a modern, online encyclopedia of fandom. We’ll be scanning and collecting information at our exhibit—please stop by and say “hi”—and we’d welcome your help.

A Fan’s Den in 1946

What would a fan’s den—a bedroom or an office—look like in 1946, when everything was print, pulp, and mail? We endeavor to recreate such a place based on reports from Bob Tucker and other fans of the period.

Fanzine Lounge

A selection of fanzines to peruse, a chance to write your own fanzine (or articles), and an opportunity to connect with fanzine editors, publishers, and authors.

Korshak Family Art Collection

A selection of art pieces from the collection begun by Guest of Honor Erle Korshak (1923-2021) and built in collaboration with his family is on display in the San Francisco Room, around the corner from the Art Show on the Gold Level of the West Tower.

Puzzle Place

Each day we’ll have a new science fiction or fantasy themed jigsaw puzzle for adults to work on in the Exhibit Hall.  We’ll also have jigsaw puzzles for children.

Red Carpet Interviews with the Hugonauts

Stop by to see interviews with authors or step onto the red carpet for a photo (or an interview) of your own! The red carpet setup is designed to be lighthearted and a little irreverent, while making a statement about the authors and creators at the Hugo Awards being far more creative and interesting than the Hollywood types who usually get the red carpet treatment. Take your turn on the red carpet for a selfie or group photo, to see live author interviews, or to get your own moment in the spotlight and be interviewed by the hosts of the Hugonauts podcast as well!

Site Selection

All members of Chicon 8 are eligible to vote for the locations of the 2024 Worldcon and 2023 NASFiC.

Worldbuilders of SF&F

These photographs intended to showcase some of the authors, artists, editors, and other creators who bring us the amazing and wonder-filled worlds. Some of them have been working in the genre for decades, while some have only recently started writing. Some immediately shot up like rising stars, while some plugged away for years before their first
story—or, even more difficult—their second story, was finally published. Some are acknowledged Grandmasters in the genre, while others may perhaps become Grandmasters in due time. These photographs are made using a large format camera; the same type of camera that photography was invented on over 150 years ago. This type of camera echoes the imagery of bygone years, even though the new photographs are in color. In an age where everyone can be in some fashion a photographer, and everyone can take selfies with their favorite authors, these images still tell a different story. They cannot capture the souls of these creative people—their own work does that better than anyone else can—but perhaps these images have their own unique stories to tell.

Worldcon Heritage Display

This year’s display will focus on the history of Worldcon in Chicago. Starting with the second Worldcon in 1940, Chicago has hosted more Worldcons than any other city.

…and more!