In Memoriam

Chicon In Memoriam page

Below is a listing of members of our community who have died since the last In Memoriam list was compiled for DisCon III last year (from October 14, 2021 to the present).

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Fan Erle Korshak (b.1923) died on August 25.  Korshak became active in fandom in the 1930s and in 1939 created Moonstruck Press. He helped organize the second Worldcon, the Chicon, in 1940 and served as acting chair on the first day of the convention. He founded Shasta Publishers in 1947 and ran it for 10 years before leaving fandom for three decades, returning in the late 80s and eventually founding Shasta-Phoenix Press.  He was inducted into the First Fandom Hall of Fame and was scheduled to be a Guest of Honor at Chicon 8 in 2022.

Fan Aahz (b.Dan Bernstein, 1967) died on October 14. Aahz was a San Francisco area fan who attended west coast conventions. Aahz was active in fandom in the days of Usenet and was also active in square dancing fandom. With his partner, Stef, Aahz Maruch co-wrote Python for Dummies.

Fan Joe Moudry died on October 15. Moudry served as official editor of the Southern Fandom Press Alliance, the Pulp Era Amateur Press Society and The Arkham Anchorite and active in several other APAs. He was a Philip K. Dick and H.P. Lovecraft Fan.

Fan Charlotte Williams (b.1953) died on October 26.  Williams was active in Tennessee fandom has served on the board of Chattacon beginning in 1989.  She chaired the convention in 1994 and 1995.

Author Carole Nelson Douglas (b.1944) died in late October. Best known for her Irene Adler mysteries, Douglas wrote the Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator series and the Kendri and Irissa fantasy series as well as many fantasy short stories.

Author Jim Fiscus (b.1944) died on November 7.  Fiscus began publishing science fiction in 1986 with the story “A Time of Martyrs” and published several more stories over the years. He served as a director of SFWA from 2008 until 2015 and was awarded the Kevin O’Donnell Jr Service to SFWA Award in 2017.

Author Simon Marshall-Jones (b.1963) died on November 9. Marshall-Jones edited the anthology The 13 Ghosts of Christmas and founded Spectral Press.  He collected his short fiction in Biblia Longcrofta.

Fan Chuck Divine died in early November.  Divine was not only active in convention and Star Trek fandom, he also worked as an engineer at NASA’s Goddard facility.

Norwegian fan Bjørn Olav Listog (b.1957) died on November 11. Listog was active in Norwegian fandom and attended conventions in the Nordic countries.

Finnish author and fan Jyrki Kasvi (b.1964) died on November 16.  Kasvi was editor of Kosmoskyna, the magazine of the Finnish Science Fiction Writer’s Association. He served three terms in the Finnish Parliament and had a Klingon version of his website for his second election.

Spanish author Miguel Barceló Garcia (b.1948) died on November 22 Barceló was an editor for Ediciones B and directed the NOVA line. He helped create the UPC Prize and co-edited the anthology Cuentos de ciencia ficción.  He received the Spanish Association of Fantasy and Science Fiction Lifetime Achievement Award in 1996.

Australian fan Jeremy G. Byrne (b.1964) died on November 24. Byrne was the editor of Eidolon and The Year’s Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy.

Dealer Wayne McCloud died on November 24. McCloud specialized in selling Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Star Wars collectibles at science fiction conventions across the Midwest, including at MarsCon and Chicago TARDIS.

Fan Diana G. Gallagher (b.1946) died on December 2. Gallagher won the Hugo Award for Best Fan Artist in 1989. She went on to write numerous novels based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Alex Mack. Gallagher was also an active filker.

Fan Tim Murphy (b.1957) died in early December.  Murphy was a presence at Michigan conventions and for a few years ran a table in dealers’ rooms.

Artist Chris Achilleos (b.1947) died in early December.  Achilleos created the covers for numerous Doctor Who novels and books by Anne McCaffrey, Michael Moorcock, and David Eddings.  His work was collected in several books, including Amazons and Sirens.

Author Anne Rice (b.1941) died on December 11. Rice began publishing with Interview with the Vampire and followed up with several other novels about the Vampire Lestat as well as novels about witches and mummies. She also wrote a trilogy of erotic novels based on Sleeping beauty using the name A.N. Roquelaure and two novels as Anne Rampling.

Bibliographer William G. Contento (b.1947) died on December 13 from prostate cancer. Contento created the Locus Index to Science Fiction with Charles N. Brown and also published Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror annuals with Brown.  He was a three time Hugo nominee and won the Stoker for The Supernatural Index.

Fan Ron Zukowoski (b.1949) died on December 19. Zukowski co-chaired Confederation, the 1986 Worldcon in Atlanta with Penny Frierson. He was a member of ASFiC and worked on Istacon. He published the APAzine The Orange Mouse. In 2014, he received the Hank Reinhardt Award.

Comic artist Ryan Bodenheim (b.1977) died on December 20. Bodenheim worked on A Red Mass for Mars, Secret, Eternal Warrior, and Black Panther.

Fan Chuck Shimada (b.1960) died on December 26. Shimada was a member of LASFS and worked tech for LosCon as well as many other regional conventions and worldcons.

Author Andrew Vachss (b.1942) died on December 27. An attorney and advocate for children’s protection, Vachss wrote the Cross series as well as the novels Carbon and Batman: The Ultimate Evil. He also published four collections of his short fiction.


Fan Keith Arseneau (b.1959) died on January 3. Arsenau entered fandom in the late 1980s and in recent years volunteered as a DJ at Toronto Trek, Ad Astra, and Anime North.

Fan Frank Denton died on January 5.  Denton was a member of several APAzines, including Minneapa, The Cult, Slanapa, and APANAGE. He also published the fanzine Ash-Wing. He was a Guest of Honor at MileHiCon 6, Westercon 30, Moscon II, and Rustcon 7.

Author John Jos. Miller (b.1954) died on January 5. Miller published works in the Wild Card series, three novels with Stephen Leigh in the Ray Bradbury presents series, and some media tie-in novels.

NASFIC Chair and Worldcon GoH Willie Siros (b.1952) died on January 5.  Siros co-chaired LoneStarCon I and was a GoH at LoneStarCon 3, as well as chairing many other Texas conventions. He ran the bookstore Adventures in Crime and Space.

Fan Jane Hawkins (b.1951) died on January 7. Hawkins wrote the novel Quantum Gate and hosted the monthly meetings for Vanguard. She was a founder of Nowescon and chaired three Potlatches. She worked on Corflus, Wiscon, and Noreascon 3.

Fan Bill Mills (b.1952) died on January 9.  Mills displayed his collection of SF film props at conventions throughout the 70s and early 80s and was an active costumer and masquerade MC. He was a filker and involved in running Corflu 25.

Author Ron Goulart (b.1933) died on January 14. Goulart began publishing in F&SF in 1952 and over the years published numerous science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and pulp novels. He was a book reviewer for Venture and wrote for Marvel comics. In addition to writing fiction, Goulart published several non-fiction books on comics and detective fiction.

Author Dave Wolverton (b.John David Wolverton, 1957) died on January 14. Wolverton, who also wrote using the name Dave Farland, won the PKD prize for his novel On My Way to Paradise. His other works include The Runelords series, the Ravenspell series, the Serpent Catch series and books in the Star Wars universe. Wolverton also taught workshops and supported the Writers of the Future, of which he was an early winner.