Booking a Room

Convention Block is Now Closed

As of Aug 17, our convention rate block has closed.

They Hyatt will no longer be accepting reservations at our reduced rate.  Rooms may still be available with Hyatt standard rates and discounts.


If you have booked a room and need to cancel, you MUST do this by 3 p.m. CT, 3 days prior to the scheduled arrival date. Failure to do this will result in your being charged for one full night  at your rate plus tax.

If you need assistance or have questions on an existing reservation, please contact the Chicon 8 Hotel Team.

Room Rates

We are pleased to announce that our rate of $165 ($193.71 including state and local taxes) for all standard King, Double and Accessible rooms, single through quad occupancy. There are no additional fees other than the state and local taxes which are currently 17.4%.

Quiet Floor; or the Non-Party Floors

If any of these options sound like what you are looking for, the quiet floors may be the perfect choice for you.

  • You have children staying in your room
  • You just don’t like being in the center of it all
  • You have no intention of hosting a gathering (You can only host parties on party floors)
  • You just want to enjoy a good night’s sleep

Party Floor; or “We May Have a Bit of Noise” Floors

Does any of the following sound like what you are looking for? If so, a Party Floor might be the perfect choice for you.

  • You want easy access to the evening festivities
  • You are assisting in a suite party and need to be close by
  • You want to throw a more intimate shindig using a standard room (You will need to register with the party coordinator prior to the convention)
  • You’re a heavy sleeper, or noise doesn’t bother you and you are willing to help to protect the convention from noise complaints

If the room type you are looking for doesn’t appear when booking your room in a particular block, it means the type you are requesting has been sold out. Please do not book in the other block unless you are willing to be flexible. Do not book on the party floor and expect it to be quiet or try to throw a party on the quiet floor, it just won’t work. Try to figure out an alternative that does work for you.

Booking an ADA Room

If you need an accessible room, please let our Access staff know so they can assist you in getting the best match for your requirements.

 To book an Accessible Room, you must click on the “Accessible Room” box at the beginning of your search.

This will allow you to see all the available room types. Contacting the Access staff may be able to assist you if your specific needs are not met with what is available.

Please Note: we have a VERY limited number of accessible rooms in the party block, so do not be surprised if you do not find a room in this block.

Some “How To’s” for the Reservation System

We expect this section to grow and develop as people ask more questions, but to kick us off, here are some issues that we are already aware of:

Multiple Names on a Reservation

Currently there is no way to specify a second name on the reservation. Our suggestion is to proceed to the hotel’s “Contact Information” page, but before leaving the page you should go to the “Special Requests” section.

In the box “Is there anything else you’d like to request for your visit?” ask them to add the additional names there. This can also be handled onsite when you arrive or you may call the Hyatt +1 312-565-1234 and have them assist you.

Connecting Rooms

When you are booking your room, you will need to purchase 2 rooms from the start. There is a little drop down that has a graphic that looks like this: 

Using that drop down you come to this and here is where you change your choice to 2 Rooms:

Then you will choose the room type you are looking for and proceed to the “Contact Information” page. Fill this out, but before leaving the page you need to go to the section called “Special Requests”.

Connecting Rooms is one of the options that can be tagged under “Requests”. The current system appears to only allow you to book one room type and doesn’t allow you to specify the second room.

Our suggestion is that you make a physical note in the “Is there anything else you’d like to request for your visit?” if you wish to have a mixed room type (King and a double room).

Booking Suites

All suites, both party and non-party, are only available through the convention. There are a limited number of suites, particularly in the party block, so it is possible that not all requests will be granted.

Please visit our Suites page for more information on suites and how to apply for one.

Party Information

More detailed information will be forthcoming, but we do have partial corkage waiver covering dry goods and/or prepackaged food items, as well as non-alcoholic beverages and limited amounts of alcoholic beverages available for each party. We will explain these limitations in more detail when you register your party. Parties are only allowed within the Party floors and MUST be registered with us. Party registration will be available closer to the convention.

Cooking or reheating food in any manner is prohibited in the suites and sleeping rooms. Hot food items must be arranged with the hotel and coordinated thru the convention.