Chicon History

Chicon 8 is (surprise!) the eighth Worldcon to be held in Chicago.

The very first was held as long ago as 1940 – just the second Worldcon ever, following the first Worldcon in New York in 1939 – and featured E. E. “Doc” Smith as Guest of Honor, with just over 100 members in attendance.

Since then, Chicago has hosted the Worldcon approximately once a decade (we missed the 70s), settling on the Hyatt Regency Hotel as a natural home since Chicon IV (the hotels used for Chicon I and TASFiC (the second Chicon) have both been demolished – it isn’t our fault).

On the rest of this page you’ll find links to scans of the Souvenir Books and some other items from the previous Chicago Worldcons.

2: Chicon
1 – 2 Sep 1940
Hotel ChicagoanE. E. “Doc” SmithMark Reinsberg128
10: TASFiC
30 Aug – 1 Sep 1952
Hotel MorrisonHugo GernsbackJulian May870 / 1175
20: Chicon III
31 Aug – 2 Sep 1962
Pick-Congress HotelTheodore SturgeonEarl Kemp730 / 830
40: Chicon IV
2 – 6 Sep 1982
Hyatt Regency Chicago (HRC)A. Bertram Chandler
Frank Kelly Freas
Lee Hoffman
Ross Pavlac
Larry Propp
49: Chicon V
29 Aug – 2 Sep 1991
HRCHal Clement
Martin H. Greenberg
Richard Powers
Jon & Joni Stopa
Kathleen Meyer5,661
58: Chicon 2000
31 Aug – 4 Sep 2000
Fairmont Hotel
Ben Bova
Bob Eggleton
Jim Baen
Bob & Anne Passovoy
Tom Veal5,794 / 6,574
70: Chicon 7
30 Aug – 3 Sep 2012
Mike Resnick
Peggy Rae Sapienza
Story Musgrave
Jane Frank
Rowena Morrill
Dave McCarty4,743 / 6,197
80: Chicon 8
1 – 5 Sep 2022
HRCSteven Barnes
Tananarive Due
Edie Stern
Joe Siclari
Erle Korshak
Helen Montgomery? / ?
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Chicago in 2022 bid website

Chicago in 2022 bid website

Chicon 7

Chicon 7 website

Chicon 7 program book
cover by Rowena Morrill

Chicon 7 pocket program

Chicon 7 Sunday Funnies
edited by John Purcell

Chicon 7 artist showcase
edited by Sara Felix and Colin Harris

Chicon 7 Hugo Award
designed by Deb Kosiba

Chicago in 2012 bid website

Chicago in 2012 bid website

Chicon 2000

Chicon 2000 website

Chicon 2000 publications

Chicon 2000 program
Variant 1, cover by Bob Eggleton

Chicon 2000 program
Variant 2, cover by Bob Eggleton

Chicon 2000 Programming
Participants’ Guide and Biographies
cover by Marianne Plumridge

Chicon 2000
Pocket program, dining guide,
and events and exhibits book

Chicon 2000 Sampler
Variant 1, cover by Bob Eggleton

Chicon 2000 Sampler
Variant 2, cover by Bob Eggleton

6 in 60
Chicago history fanzine

Chicon 2000 memory book
cover by Bob Eggleton

Chicon 2000 Hugo program

Chicon 2000 Hugo Award
designed by Johnna Klukas

Chicon V

Chicon V program book

Fantastic Chicago
edited by Martin H. Greenberg

Chicon V pocket program

Chicon V Hugo program

Chicon V Hugo Award

Chicon IV

Chicon IV program book, 1982

Chicon IV Hugo Award

Chicon III

Chicon III program book, 1962

Chicon III HUgo Award


TASFiC program book, 1952


Chicon program book, 1940

E.E. “Doc” Smith’s
Guest of Honor Speech