Weapons Policy

Weapons policy

Please read this entire policy before attending Chicon 8. It is part of the Code of Conduct required of members. This weapons policy supersedes applicable laws only in that it is more limiting and only applies to members attending the convention.

Compliance with the Weapons Policy is mandatory for all attendees. Chicon 8, in conjunction with the venue staff where relevant, reserve the right to consider any weapon or prop to be breaking these rules if deemed to be unsafe or likely to cause danger or undue disruption.

Attendees include Committee, Staff, Volunteers, Members, and all others trading, exhibiting, and otherwise participating in Chicon 8.

Venue staff includes all those directly, or indirectly through subcontracting, employed by The Hyatt Regency Chicago.

  • Real weapons are forbidden. This includes but is not limited to firearms, laser weapons, electroshock weapons, missile weapons, throwing weapons, clubs, and any sharpened blade bigger than a small folding pocket knife. It does not matter if you have a licence or not.
  • Practice weapons are forbidden. Wooden swords can kill–ask anyone with sword training.
  • Prop weapons that can be easily confused with a real weapon are forbidden. Chicon 8’s Operations Managers are the final judge whether a prop weapon will be banned.
  • Items that might be used as weapons, such as a staff or walking stick, are not banned so long as they do not conceal a weapon. Anyone who uses anything in a threatening manner may have the object classified as a weapon, when it will be either seized or impounded for the rest of the convention. Anyone who refuses to comply may be dismissed from the convention without refund.
  • If the program includes a weapons demonstration, the weapons involved must be approved in advance by the Program Division Head team and the Operations Managers. These weapons must be wrapped securely when transported to and from both the Green Room and the demonstration room before and after the demonstration.
  • For the Masquerade, all prop weapons must be approved in advance by the Masquerade Director and the Operations Managers. These weapons must be wrapped securely when transported to and from the Green Room before and after the Masquerade.
  • All prop weapons must be brought to the Con Ops office in Monroe 2 to be checked.
  • Wearing a hall costume does not entitle you to carry a weapon. See other specific guidance in this policy.
  • Weapons may be available for purchase in the Dealers’ Room. They must be wrapped securely in transit to your room or vehicle.
  • Some law enforcement officials are required to carry a weapon at all times. When questioned about the weapon, they should be able to present official identification and explain this requirement. It is important to check in at Con Ops in Monroe 2 to avoid any misunderstandings.