Chicon 8 will be hosting a number of workshops for our members. Spaces for each workshop will be limited, and you will be able to sign up to workshops on this page. 

There will be both in-person and virtual workshops, but the process for signing up for them will be the same. All sign ups will open Wednesday at noon central on this page, and you will be notified at least 12 hours before the workshop time if you were chosen for a spot. Exact times for when each block of sign ups closes will be released closer to the date of the convention.

If there are more sign ups for a particular workshop than there are spaces, successful applicants will be chosen by a random lottery. There is no advantage to signing up for a workshop early, as long as you fill in the form before sign ups close, you will have an equal chance of getting a spot. A lottery will also be used to select waitlist spots—if you have been waitlisted, you will be able to turn up at a workshop, and we will let you know if any spaces have become available due to cancellations or no-shows. If you have signed up, but can no longer attend a workshop, please email us with “Workshop Attendance  Cancellation” in the subject line to let us know.

Register at the links below. All times are in Chicago time. You will be notified by email within 90 minutes of the registrations closing whether you have been successful or not:

Thursday Workshops

Registration closed.

Early Friday Workshops

Registration closed.

Late Friday Workshops

Registration closed.

Early Saturday Workshops (registration closes 12:30 on Friday)

Registration closed.

Late Saturday Workshops

Registration closed.

Early Sunday Workshops

Registration closed.

Late Sunday Workshops

Registration closed.

Monday Workshops (registration closes 12:30 on Sunday)

5 Sep 8:30 Myth and Magic: Speculative Elements of Gaelic Song (Virtual)

5 Sep 10:00 Fabric Collage

5 Sep 10:00 Superhero Action Poses

5 Sep 11:30 Pathways to Publishing

5 Sep 13:00 Strategies for Submitting Short Fiction