Chicon 8 Committee

DivisionAreaFilled by:
ChairChairHelen Montgomery
 AdvisorsBobbi Armbruster, James Bacon, Dave McCarty, Colin Harris
Artistic DirectionDivision HeadEmily Knowles-Grumble
Finance DivisionDivision HeadAlexia Hebel
 Budget Manager / ComptrollerAlexia Hebel
 Budget AdvisorColin Harris
 TreasurerCary Williams
FacilitiesDivision HeadJoyce Lloyd
 Speaker to UnionsEvan Reeves
Staff ServicesDivision HeadKarin May
 Deputy Division HeadBobbi Armbruster
 Volunteers (inc onboard/offboard, vol newsletter) – pre and at con 
 TimelineBobbi Armbruster
 IT (pre-con; software)

Chris Rose, Victoria Garcia

Member ServicesDivision HeadKathy Bond
 Info Desk (pre/at-con) 
Promotions/MarketingDivision Head 
 Social Media Team 
 WebsiteMatthew Duhan
 Website Content ManagerSteven H Silver
PublicationsDivision HeadSara Felix
 Deputy Division HeadJames Bacon
 In Memoriam collationSteven H Silver
WSFSDivision HeadJesi Lipp
 Deputy Division HeadBrian Nisbet
ExhibitsDivision Head 
ProgramDivision HeadKris “Nchanter” Snyder
 Deputy Division HeadIan Stockdale
 Program AdvisorCarol Connolly
EventsDivision Head 
HospitalityDivision Head 
 SFWA liaisonSteven H Silver