Available Accessibility Features

The following accessibility features are available within Airmeet.

Closed Captions – Closed Captions are available to speakers and those viewing Sessions in the full experience. The closed captions are designated by speaker. When closed captions are enabled, the system will switch to Active Speaker mode so that the caption can be associated more easily with the person speaking. Closed captions are not available in the Lite experience, or at tables.

Live Captions – On Google Chrome, there is a live-captioning service available that will work with any mode of Airmeet. Unlike the built-in captioning, it does not associate the captions with the speakers or switch the video to active speaker view. For further details follow the instructions at https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/10538231?hl=en

Chat – Chat is available during Sessions and at Tables. Chat can be used to communicate with other members and with program participants.

Limit visual stimulation – During Sessions, you can limit visual stimulation by setting the session to Audio Only mode. This mode will stop the speaker video. Closed Captions still work in this mode.

Larger view – There is a Full-Screen mode available in both Sessions and Tables. The full-screen button is in the upper right corner of the stage or video area.

Screen readers – Controls within Airmeet are labeled for the use of screen readers, and support the use of the Tab key to move between buttons. There are two known limitations to this functionality: sometimes the button focus will change due to an onscreen prompt, and some of the buttons do not highlight when selected via the Tab key.

Mobile access – If an attendee does not have access to a Chromebook, Mac, or PC, there is an Airmeet app available for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Some functionality is limited in the mobile application, as Airmeet is designed primarily for use with a computer and web browser.

Data limits – If data is limited, use the LD mode available in the lower-right corner of the stage or video area. This will dramatically reduce the bandwidth used by Airmeet.

Low complexity modes – Airmeet is available in LD, Audio Only, and Lite modes. Each of these modes requires less computer power. The Lite mode will not allow for interaction with the Session. It works on the widest range of devices.