Getting to Chicago

O'Hare Airport terminal

What is the typical current airfare to your closest airport from world cities such as London, Boston,  Los Angeles, Tokyo, Melbourne, etc ?

Based on Expedia searches done in August 2018 for June 2019:

  • Auckland: $1380-$1900 (1-2 stops)
  • Boston: $190-$300 (nonstop available)
  • Chicago: FREE!!!
  • Dallas: $350-$430 (nonstop available)
  • Dublin: $480-$1000+ (nonstop available)
  • Helsinki: $660-$860 (nonstop available)
  • Houston: $265-$500 (nonstop available)
  • London: $375-$670 (nonstop available)
  • Los Angeles:  $355-$370 (nonstop available)
  • Melbourne: $1260-$2000 (1-2 stops)
  • New York: $178-$247 (nonstop available)
  • Seattle: $185-$602 (nonstop available)

We also looked in June 2020 for April 2021 on Expedia (as far forward as we could choose), and the prices generally are a bit lower. Hard to say how they will be affected long-term by the pandemic travel restrictions.

Do international flights, as well as domestic, fly into your local airport? Which airlines? If not, where is the closest international airport? Are direct flights from the cities above flown into your local airport?

Most major carriers, both domestic and international, can be found at O’Hare, with the exception of Southwest, which has their hub at Midway.  O’Hare is a hub for both American Airlines and United Airlines.

How far is your convention site from the nearest airport/train station and what is the likely cost of getting to the hotels by both public transport and taxi from that airport/train station?

There are multiple transportation options.

The Hyatt has transportation options on their site.

Union Station (Amtrak train) and Greyhound (Bus) are both downtown. Union Station is 1.5 miles from the Hyatt. The Greyhound Station is 2 miles from the Hyatt. There are public transportation options to the Hyatt from both stations. Examples.

Both airports have extensive public transportation options to downtown Chicago.

From O’Hare: The Blue Line elevated train comes in from O’Hare Airport. There is also access to the Metra commuter rail and PACE buses.

From Midway: The Orange Line elevated train comes in from Midway Airport. There is also access to CTA and PACE buses.

Information on the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) fares can be found here.