Reimbursement Policy: Staff/Volunteers

The running of a Worldcon is a labor of love. We all give of ourselves and our time, expecting little in return except to be able to attend a wonderful convention where we have made new friends, strengthened existing friendships, and can feel pride in what we have accomplished. 

At the end of Chicon 8, depending on our financial position, we will determine how much of the membership fee can be returned to staff members and qualifying at-con volunteers who supported the planning and running of the convention. Our goal is to give a full reimbursement of their membership cost, but if we are not in a position to do so, we will reimburse as much as possible. 

This document identifies the definitions of Staff and Qualifying At-Con Volunteers towards that possible reimbursement.

Staff are any volunteers who have deliverable goals in planning and running the convention, with the exception of the Program Brainstorm Team and Ambassadors. This includes any staff with pre-con and/or at-con deliverables. The deliverables are defined by the Division and/or Area Heads of the main area in which the staff member works. This reimbursement is subject to the approval of the staff member’s Division Head.  

At-Con Volunteers are any persons who offer to assist with specific tasks during the convention. An amount of hours worked in and around the convention dates will qualify for membership reimbursement. The amount of hours to qualify will be decided closer to the convention. All at-con volunteers will be eligible for prizes and giveaways during the convention and will receive an exclusive Chicon 8 gift.

Program Brainstorm Team: If Brainstorm Team is the individual’s only convention role, those members of the Brainstorm Team will not be eligible for membership reimbursement. However, if someone goes above-and-beyond standard expectations of the Brainstorm Team, the Program Division Head can submit them for reimbursement. 

Ambassadors: Ambassadors are volunteers who have not yet been assigned to a specific staff role. While awaiting their assignment, they have agreed to help us by watching tables or helping host parties at other conventions. Their work as an Ambassador is not eligible for reimbursement.