CoNZealand 2020 Toooooo

Feel like you missed the in-person experience of CoNZealand? Join us in Grand Ballroom A and B on Friday afternoon from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. for some fun!

We’ll have activities, panels, and some of our displays available for you to enjoy and engage in. Just some of the things you will see:

  • Check out the Squid Hall exhibit – take a virtual tour of our squid hall.
  • Read about the history of New Zealand fandom.
  • Check out our Award winners from 2020 – the Hugos, the Retro Hugos and New Zealand’s own Sir Julius Vogel Awards. We’ll also have information about how our very special Hugo Award trophies were put together.
The Sir Julius Vogel Award Trophy 2020
  • Take photos of yourself with famous Wellington and New Zealand landmarks, including our famous Wellington Cable Car and our ever-popular Hobbit Hole. 
  • Sit and chat and reminisce about your experience of CoNZealand, and meet the team that brought it to you face-to-face.  We’d be delighted to be able to meet you all in person at Chicon 8 and share a little of what you’d have experienced if you’d been with us in person.
  • We’ll also be presenting some of our program panels, as recorded during CoNZealand.
  • We’re planning to highlight some of our New Zealand authors, our unique events, and of course, our Guests of Honour – Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon, Greg Broadmore and Rose Mitchell.
The 2020 Hugo Award Trophy

CoNZealand Thank You Party

We also invite you to join us on Saturday night at our Thank You Party in Suite 3176. 

A message from your host, Maree Pavletich….

If you have been craving NZ chocolates and soda … if no one else can help … and if you can find them (Oh, who are we kidding, it’s the same suite as Winnipeg (3176!)) – you need the K-team!

Come to the CoNZealand Thank You Party on Saturday.

There will be LOTS of kiwis! (And Kiwi Chocolate!)

There will be LOTS of kiwis and Kiwi chocolate! (And Kiwi soda!)

There will be LOTS of kiwis and Kiwi chocolate and Kiwi soda! (It’s called L&P.) (Yes, I know the Kiwi soda is called L&P.)

There will be LOTS of kiwis and Kiwi chocolate and Kiwi soda CALLED L&P!!!

(Well done.)