The following musicians are confirmed as performing at Chicon 8. All concerts will occur in Plaza AB in the lobby of the East Tower.

Ars ArcanumSunday 7:00 pmBandcamp linkWeb linkFacebook linkInstagram linkTwitter link 
Catherine AsaroSunday Noon Web link  Twitter linkPatreon link
Blind Lemming ChiffonSaturday Noon Web link    
Luke BretscherSunday 11:30 am      
Cheshire MoonSaturday 1:30 pmBandcamp linkWeb linkFacebook link Twitter linkPatreon link
TJ Burnside ClappFriday 4:00 pm      
Chris ClarkeFriday 1:30 pmBandcamp link  Instagram link  
Court and CountrySaturday 2:30 pmBandcamp link     
Dr. Mary CrowellSaturday 1:00 pmBandcamp link   Twitter linkPatreon link
Devo SpiceSaturday 6:00 pmBandcamp linkWeb linkFacebook linkInstagram linkTwitter link 
Gary EhrlichSunday 1:30 pmBandcamp link     
Cecilia EngFriday 1:00 pm  Web link    
Kerri-Ellen KellySaturday 4:30 pm   
William J. LaubenheimerFriday 4:30 pm      
LoreleiSaturday 4:00 pm    Instagram link Twitter link 
Luna (not) LovegoodFriday 5:30 pm Web link Instagram link  
Seanan McGuire and Dead SexyFriday 7:00 pm Web link Instagram linkTwitter link 
Microphone MisfitzSaturday 5:30 pmBandcamp linkWeb linkFacebook linkInstagram linkTwitter link 
Random FractionsSunday 1:00 pmBandcamp linkWeb linkFacebook link   
Roberta RogowFriday NoonBandcamp link     
SassafrassSaturday 3:00 pmBandcamp link   Twitter link 
The Shake UpsSunday 4:00 pm Web linkFacebook link Twitter link 
Adam Stemple, David Perry, and Amy McNallySunday 5:30 pm Bandcamp linkWeb link Instagram linkTwitter link 
Bill and Brenda SuttonFriday 11:30 amBandcamp linkWeb link    
Tonks and the AurorsSaturday 7:00 pmBandcamp linkWeb link  Twitter linkPatreon link
Uncle FluffySaturday 11:30 am Bandcamp link Web link    
Updated 8/30/2022