Virtual Chicon 8

We’re excited to announce our plans for the Virtual Chicon 8! All Attending memberships (Adults, Young Adults, Teens, and Children) will have access to Virtual Chicon 8. Virtual Memberships will go on sale starting May 1 for $80 for new Members, while Supporting Members can upgrade to Virtual Attending for just $30. Please see our Membership page for information on how to join or upgrade.

Virtual Attending members have full access to Virtual Chicon 8, including streamed programming, virtual exhibits and online social spaces. They also receive all convention publications (in digital format by default); can vote for the Hugo Awards; and can vote in Site Selection.

What will you get as a part of Virtual Chicon 8? Our chosen virtual hosting platform, Airmeet, will give you access to all parts of our virtual content, including panels, performances, readings, workshops, representation from our Art Show and Dealers’ Room, and more. There will be select streaming from on-site panels as well as online streamed exclusives. We will have content scheduled around the clock to allow members in all time zones to enjoy our virtual offerings. Captioning will be provided, and content will be available to replay after it has aired.

A Member Experience area will bring together features that make Virtual members active participants in the social and community aspect of the convention. This will include online social spaces, virtual fan tables and parties, convention-provided electronic news, and a photo/video gallery. A Virtual Helpdesk will be available to help you through any issues you encounter.

Your Virtual membership will also include Hugo Award and Site Selection voting rights.

What do you need to attend Virtual Chicon 8?

You will need a membership and a computer or mobile device. Our platform (Airmeet) works best with a desktop, laptop, or Chromebook running Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Safari, or new Edge. Though you don’t need a camera to watch programming, if you want to be seen in social spaces it will be quite handy to have one. If you don’t have access to a computer, you can also attend using your mobile device or tablet. Look for the Airmeet app in your preferred app store.

If you have a membership for Virtual or In-Person Chicon 8, watch the email that you used for your membership. On Wednesday the 31st, Airmeet will send an email to the address that you used. That email contains a unique link just for you. Don’t share this link: anyone with it can pretend to be you, and kick you out of Airmeet if they use it. 

Click the link from your computer or mobile device to enter Virtual Chicon. Save it all weekend, as you’ll want it to easily get back in or to move to another device. If you didn’t get the email, please check your Spam folder. For any questions you can also reach to our Virtual Chicon 8 team or connect with us via the chat below.

At noon on Wednesday, August 31, the Airmeet will open for members. You will be able to build your personal schedule within Airmeet, socialize in the Lounge, and view exhibits in the Arena. This is a great time to make certain that your setup is just how you like it, so that when the programming starts on Thursday you’ll be ready to go. It’s also a nice opportunity to meet your fellow members.

Need help? Once you are in the Airmeet, we have a help table where you can test your audio and video. If you can’t get in at all, email our Virtual Chicon 8 team or connect with us via the chat below.

If you want to browse the schedule before you get your link, all of the Airmeet programming is also listed in ConClar.

Need more information? We have a detailed guide.