Site Selection

Chicon 8 will conduct the elections to select the site of the 2024 Worldcon and the 2023 North American Science Fiction Convention (NASFiC). To vote in either of these elections, you must be an attending or supporting member of Chicon 8. At the time you vote, you will pay an additional amount called the Advance Supporting Membership fee, which is a supporting membership in the Worldcon or NASFiC, regardless of which site wins the election. This money goes to the winning Worldcon or NASFiC bid regardless of who wins or how you voted.

Filed Bids for the 2024 Worldcon and 2023 NASFiC

Chicon 8 has accepted complete filings from the following bids for future conventions.

2024 Worldcon

Glasgow in 2024

2023 NASFiC

Orlando 2023

Winnipeg in 2023