Program Guide Help

ConClár is an online Program Guide tool for conventions. It is intended to work in all modern browsers. It is designed to work equally well on mobile and desktop devices. No application needs to be downloaded and installed as it works in a browser. It does need a network connection to work.

Program Page

The main page is the Program page. This page shows the scheduled sessions for the convention. It currently defaults to show 100 items only. This number can be changed at the top by using the drop down labled “Maximum items displayed”. Note that selecting “Show all” may cause the site response to be slow. There are a number of different drop downs that allow you to filter the schedule by different characteristics. There is also a search box that will search the session title, description, or participants.

There is an “Expand All/Collapse All” set of buttons located under the filters. This will expand all of the sessions on the screen to show all the details, or collapse them.

Click or tap on a session title and the session will expand and show details such as the description, the panelists, the duration, and various other tags.

When the session details are expanded and the participants are shown, a participant can be clicked on and it will take you to that participant’s page which will have their bio, social media links (if they gave us any), and their schedule at the convention.

Each session on the Program page has a checkbox next to it. If you click this checkbox, the session will be saved to the “My Schedule” page.


The filters can be used to search through the schedule for specific things. Multiple filters can be combined and even multiple items within the same filter to really narrow down a search.

Once a filter has been selected, a “Reset filters” button will appear which will remove all of the filters.

Location Filter

The Location drop down will filter the schedule based on the location or room that the session is in. All of the rooms that have “Airmeet” in the title are online rooms where the session is either a virtual session or it is an in-person session that is being streamed to the online room.

For the “Other” location, please read the description of the session for details on where the session will be located.

Format Filter

The Format filter is best to use for looking for specific types of sessions, like Autographing sessions or Dances.

Area Filter

The Area filter can be used to look for specific tags that were added to session that are related to the kind of session it is. For example, the session could be tagged as “Art” or “Podcasting” or even “Polish SFF”.

Environment Filter

The Environment filter can be used to look for virtual only sessions in Airmeet or in-person sessions that are being streamed to Airmeet.

Day Filter

The Day filter can be used to select just a particular day or days of the convention.

People Page

This page will list all of the people who will be doing some kind of session at the convention. These people could be the Guests of Honor, an author, an artist, or just someone with some knowledge to share.

There is a tag filter on this page that will let you filter to see just the virtual people. “Hybrid”, in this filter, will identify those panelists that are in-person at the convention, but will also be doing virtual panels.

A person’s name can be clicked on and it will take you to that participant’s page which will have their bio, social media links (if they gave us any), and their schedule at the convention.

My Schedule Page

This page will show the sessions that were selected on the Program page by clicking the checkbox next to the item. At the bottom of the list, it will show a link and a QR code that can be used to sync your choices from one device to another.

If you save the link, this can also be used as a “backup” of your choices. These choices are normally saved in your local cache used by your browser, so if your cache gets reset, then your choices will be gone. Saving the link will allow you to restore those choices.

Information Page

This page has some basic information for the convention including links to key information on the main website, and a summary of opening hours for key convention spaces and functions.

Settings Page

This page has some basic settings that can be adjusted. These settings have to do with the time and timezone display.