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Joe Siclari

A fan since 1965, Joe Siclari started reading science fiction almost a decade earlier with Murray Leinster’s Forgotten Planet. Joe has been active in almost every aspect of fandom. He has published over 100 fanzines, plus many convention publications, started several S-F clubs and conventions (Tropicon, SMOFcon, FanHistoricon and the Travelling Fete). Joe chaired  MagiCon, the 50th Worldcon in 1992, and has worked on hundreds of other conventions. In 2005, Joe was elected as the Down Under Fan Fund (DUFF) delegate, and in 2016, he and his wife, Edie Stern, were recipients of the fannish Big Heart Award.

Joe’s long-time SF interest is fanhistory. Since 1994 he has chaired the FANAC Fan History Project which has put over 175,000 pages of fan material online at The Fan History Project and also sponsors Fancyclopedia 3 and the Fan History YouTube channel. He has written about fandom for science fiction reference books. He co-edited the Hugo nominated Worldcon Guest of Honor Speeches with Mike Resnick and published Harry Warner’s A Wealth of Fable.

Joe has an enormous collection of fan publications and a museum of fannish memorabilia; parts have been exhibited at many Worldcons and other conventions since 1989. Joe and Edie also collect SF art and have done over 15 historical art exhibits at Boskone, World Fantasy Con and other conventions.

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