It’s Easy Being Green

Inspired by Chicago’s local Capricon convention, Chicon 8 is committed to being an environmentally responsible Worldcon, and we encourage you to join us in our efforts.

What Are We Doing?

Our biggest environmental initiative is to move to all-electronic Progress Reports and an all-electronic Pocket Program.  The Souvenir Book will also be available electronically (on an opt-in basis for attending members, and an opt-out basic for supporters and virtual members).

At the convention, we will also have an all-electronic Newsletter, and we’re significantly reducing the amount of paper needed for the WSFS Business Meeting.

Taken together, these measures alone save an astonishing 700,000 sheets of paper! And that’s not counting the carbon cost of the physical mailings that would usually be required for the Progress Reports and for mailing out Souvenir Books to Supporters.

Encouraged by COVID-19, we’ve also minimized our site visits and pre-con meetings, holding just a single all-staff event prior to the convention. This has resulted in significant savings in air and road miles.

How Is the Venue Contributing?

Our partners at the Hyatt Regency Chicago are also doing their part, with initiatives ranging from responsible food sourcing to refillable water stations and banning products with microplastic beads. Excess edible food and gently used bathroom amenities are donated locally, and sensor lighting is used in meeting rooms. You can read more about their efforts by clicking on the thumbnail below.

Link to Hyatt Environmental Best Practices
Hyatt Environmental Best Practices

How Can I Help?

Attending members can help us in many ways:

  • Carpooling if driving to the convention (our Facebook group can be used to find sharers)
  • Consider using public transport—taking the Blue Line from O’Hare to within a few blocks of the Hyatt Regency costs $5—just 10% of a Taxi/Uber fare, and better for the environment
  • Instead of using disposable cups during the weekend, bring your own re-useable water bottle or coffee mug
  • Bring your own bag for use in the Dealers’ Room
  • Take advantage of Hyatt options—for instance you can opt out of daily housekeeping, greatly reducing water and electricity usage for laundry.

You can also purchase a carbon offset for your attendance. We will publish more information about that by August 21, on this web page.

Find Out More

We’ll be adding more information to this web page in the coming days, including an estimate of Chicon 8’s carbon footprint, carbon savings, and how to buy carbon offsets.

And if you’re doing your bit—whether it’s reducing your housekeeping request, taking public transport, or buying an offset—come along to the at-con Info Desk to collect a free “It’s Easy Being Green” ribbon. And wear it with pride!