Statement on Chicon 8’s official online merchandise store

Chicon 8’s print-on-demand store on Redbubble has been suspended. Redbubble’s automated email tells us only that it is for a selection of potential reasons, but not exactly why. We may however speculate that an algorithm has claimed our art work is being used fraudulently. The beautiful convention artwork which we are using on our Redbubble merchandise is all work that we have commissioned from Ray VanTilburg of Off-World Designs. In the past weeks, some of that artwork has been fraudulently copied and used on other websites by entities who are not Chicon 8.

As soon as we learned of the suspension, we submitted an appeal to Redbubble. We have been informed that it may take up to two weeks to reinstate the account. Sadly, this means we may not be able to sell merchandise online until after the convention.

Our in-person merchandise stand still has a limited selection of t-shirts featuring the amazing artwork of Special Guests Gene Ha and Eric Wilkerson. It also has plenty of Chicon 8 logo patches, designed by Ray Tilburg in collaboration with Chicon 8 Art Director Emily Knowles-Grumble, as well as some beautiful little pins. Sales to Members is located next to the Grand Ballroom and near Registration.

We are delighted to announce that we are now selling Chicon 8 merchandise through our Chicon 8 shop at Redbubble. The current offerings feature the artwork of Ray vanTilburg and Eek!Design.

We will also have merchandise available at the convention for purchase, and will soon be producing t-shirts featuring the artwork of our Special Guests Eric Wilkerson and Gene Ha.

Chicon 8 Alien and Robot Classic T-shirt $22.66
Chicon 8 logo (Vintage white) sticker starting at $1.29
Chicon 8 logo (Vintage blue) sticker starting at $1.29
Chicon 8 Take to the Stars sticker starting at $1.29
Chicon 8 SF&F sticker starting at $1.29