Glasgow 2024: A Worldcon for All Our Futures

Congratulations to Glasgow 2024, officially selected as the site of the 82nd World Science Fiction Convention! You can view full tables of the Site Selection Reports for Worldcon 2024 and NASFiC 2023 below.

Please enjoy these photos from Sunday’s WSFS Business Meeting, where the site selection results were presented, and some fun pics of the Glasgow 2024 Committee elsewhere.

Some of the Glasgow 2024 Committee members in the “Tartan Landing Zone”

Chair of Glasgow 2024, Professor Esther MacCallum-Stewart, with the Chair of the Dublin 2019 Worldcon, James Bacon

Esther at the Glasgow table with ‘Wee Clyde’, their armadillo

The Glasgow team wait for the announcement of Site Selection. Who will win??!!

Tammy Coxon prepares the ‘Glasgow Gimlet’ at the afternoon party on Saturday

Meg MacDonald and Esther MacCallum-Stewart wait to get the party started in the Glasgow Suite

Site Selection Reports

*The following tables may not fit on some mobile device screens. You can view the far right columns by moving the scroll bar at the bottom of each table or switch to a laptop/desktop view for a full display.

Worldcon 2024 Site Selection Report

SiteOnline and Mail-InFridaySaturdayTotal
None of the Above0000
Moomin Valley33
Caribou, Maine22
XERPS in 201022
Alpha Centauri11
Boston in Christmas (because a winter Worldcon was so much fun last year . . .)11
St. Petersburg11
Any country with an acceptable human rights record11
Malmö, Sweden11
Reykjavik in 204211
Minneapolis in 7311
Peggy Rae’s House11
Boseman, MT (to celebrate Zefram Cochrane’s historic flight)11
Chamblin Bookmine in 202411
Stargate Command in 202411
Dark Brandon’s Top Secret Lair11
Davis Base, Antarctica11
Yngvi is a Louse!11
Level 15 Illusion11
Grantville, WV11
Fabulous Bungalow Blimp11
Glasgow Scotch Store11
Total Ballots Expressing a Preference323285194802
No Preference1337
Total Ballots324288197809

NASFiC 2023 Site Selection Report

SiteOnline and Mail-inFridaySaturdayTotal
None of the Above224
Minniapolis in 7311
Random Closet of a Resort with a whole bunch of Top Secret documents that shouldn’t be there.11
Tenopah, NV11
Any State or Povence With an Acceptable Human Rights Record11
Hawley, PA11
Grantville WV11
Fabulous Bungalow Blimp11
Total with Preference103123111337
No Preference112

Featured image credit: “Clyde arch, Glasgow, Scotland” by Giuseppe Milo ( is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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