Check In Information

Check-In Time

The official check in time for the Hyatt is 3:00 p.m. CT. However, there are a couple of large groups ahead of us, so there may be a minor delay in getting your room. 

If this happens to you, we recommend leaving your luggage with the bell staff and have a bite to eat or just take in the sites. Chicago is a very walkable city.

Putting a Card down at Check-In

Many of you will have noticed at the bottom of your recent reservation reminder a note that the hotel will be putting a $100 per night hold on the credit or debit card you present to check-in, this is in addition to the room charge. This is to cover any incidentals (charges made to the room) whilst you are there. At the end of your stay any incidentals will be charged, along with your room and any unused funds will be released back to the card (this can take up to 10 days).

Please be advised that a hold will be placed on your account for the full amount of room and tax, plus an additional $100 per night for incidentals. If your room charges are already covered, your card will only be authorized for incidentals. (The $100 is simply a hold and will be cleared from your account generally within 3-5 business days after check-out.)

This is standard hotel policy and there is nothing the convention can do, but offer advice on how best to use your cards.

If you use a credit card to secure your room, you will see a “hold” for the deposit, but, if you use the debit card, your bank will automatically remove the total amount of your stay and the $100 per night deposit from your account. 

If you booked a standard room, that would be $293.70 for each night of your stay, so please make sure you have enough balance on your card to cover this and any spending you plan to do on your travels, or you could find your card is refused when you need it.

If you were planning on using a debit card for payment, and you have the opportunity, the Hyatt suggests, checking-in using a credit card, and then switching you to your debit card when you check-out.