We Need You!

Everyone who works on Chicon 8 is a volunteer. The World Science Fiction Convention is 100% volunteer-run by fans for fans. It is a rewarding experience, whether working before, during or after the convention.

Worldcon needs volunteers. Worldcons are large, complicated events and we need hundreds of volunteers to take Chicon 8 to the stars!. Volunteering is a rewarding and varied experience that can lead to developing new skills or flexing some old ones. If you are new to Worldcon, it is a great way to meet people!

How do I sign up?
Complete the volunteer form or email our Volunteer team and we will get in touch with you.
What can I do?
See Current Volunteer Opportunities here
Volunteers do it all! Every bit helps. The roles vary widely. Convention Staff roles can vary in terms of time required and level of responsibility.  We need people to take minutes at meetings, help with promotions, social media, and our blog, curate exhibits, brainstorm program ideas, and we even need volunteers to help organize the volunteers! Down the road, there will be no shortage of at-con roles in programming, events, or exhibits. We need volunteers to staff the registration desk, act as gophers, ushers, stage hands, and so much more. No need to wait for those though – help us out with something else now!
How much time will I spend?
Volunteers are needed before, during, and after the convention. During or immediately before the convention you can volunteer for a few hours or as much time as you care to offer. You can make a substantial time commitment by taking on a Staff role which involves more responsibilities in specific areas. You decide what is right for you and what will be most rewarding for you.
Will I get a free membership for volunteering?

Everyone attending Chicon 8, including volunteers, needs to purchase an attending membership prior to the beginning of the convention. If membership cost is a barrier for you, you can apply for a pay-what-you-can membership through the Chicago Worldcon Community Fund.

As a volunteer for Chicon 8, you may be eligible for a reimbursement of part of all of your attending membership after the convention ends. See our Reimbursement Policy: Staff/Volunteers for details.

I’m interested in a specific position / I spoke with someone about a specific role / someone asked me to help with their job
Fill in the volunteer form or email our Volunteer team and let us know! We’ll forward your details to the appropriate team member.
Someone already offered me a job but I’d like to do more
Fill in the volunteer form or email our Volunteer team and let us know! We absolutely have things you can do to help which you’ll enjoy doing!
Any other questions?
Please email our Volunteer team and we will answer any questions.