What’s Happening

Worldcons run for five days, and there’s always something fun happening! As we work towards putting the convention together, we’ll be adding pages here for all the things you can do at the convention.

Right now, we’re starting with a page to talk about our plans for Program.


If you haven’t been to a Worldcon before, you’re in for a great time!

Worldcon has developed many traditions which fans expect to see. These include a Hugo Awards Ceremony, the Masquerade, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, autographings, readings, the art show, exhibits, dealers room, guests of honor speeches, multiple tracks of programming, children’s activities, gaming, many parties every day, and more!

Although the literary program remains the single largest program area, there are increasing numbers of program areas, panels, talks, and workshops on Anime/Manga, costuming/cosplay, academic criticism, the history of fandom, gaming, science, Young Adult, music, art, and most other topics of interest to the wider “geek” communities. Check out the program page for more information!