Bruce Edward Blackistone, Oakley Forge

Bruce Edward Blackistone

I describe myself as a retired civil servant (National Park Service), part-time blacksmith, and seasonal Viking ship skipper, as well as the graveyard sexton for our local, historic church.

Working under the Oakley Forge banner for over 30 years, I provide unique hand-forged and hand-crafted implements and jewelry for historic reenactment, and nautical, religious and domestic use; as well as science fiction and fantasy accessories.

I am also a member of the Oakley Forge Collective, which includes woodworkers, fiber artists, and other craftfolk.  We specialize in recycling scrap metal, old iron work, upcycled items, and found objects into recreations of ancient, medieval, and colonial artifacts; and modern, fantasy, and futuristic artwork and jewelry.

The collective also undertakes custom commissions, projects, and repairs on a limited basis. If we can’t fix it (and some things are beyond our capabilities) we may know people who can. (Some things, of course, are beyond repair.)

Oakley Forge also assists the Longship Company Ltd. (part of the Markland Medieval Mercenary Militia) with various ironwork and weaponry for our Viking vessels and crew.

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