John Granacki, Master of Time and Space

John Granacki

I retired long ago from the Superhero trade but in my glory days I once saved the entire solar system from a mad scientist who had been plotting to blow up the sun. She’s in prison now but I still have her wacky contraption out in my garage, and some mornings (usually before I’ve had my first cup of coffee) I feel a strong urge to go out there and push the danged button. Fortunately, my art studio is also in my garage and I’m easily distracted.  Some people say that I’m “just a fan artist,” as if that isn’t a grand and glorious thing to be, but when they realize exactly who and what I am a fan of then they start to figure it out. My current mission is to prepare humankind for the coming age of interplanetary travel and extraterrestrial colonization through education, outreach and fellowship, focusing on the speculative arts—literary, visual, contemplative, and tonal.
Immigrants: An Auspicious Arrival
Angry Sun
Comet Neowise Over Crater Lake
Dome on the Range
Domecoming Parade
Emerald Hive
Emigrants: Going Forward, Looking Back
Location Location Location
New Seattle 2525
Orion’s Arm
The Party: Ice Ring
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