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I took metalsmithing/jewelry design as an elective toward my degree in art in college. One time melting precious metal and I was hooked for life. I do more bead and wire work now, as landlords tend to object to acetylene torches. I used to work for a bead store in Evanston, IL where I’ve taught beading and jewelry design. I have also taught a bit of casting and silversmithing; and am a certified Art Clay Silver instructor. I’ve been attending and working SF conventions in the Midwest for several years and had a brief run as a zombie at Six Flags Fright Fest. Needless to say, I’ve had a career of an eccentric nature. The weirder the better. Seriously. If it’s strange, I’ve probably got the skill set to match it.  I spend too much time reading various anime fic and not doing jewelry work, and have a shit load of photographs to edit and post to etsy.
Crystal Chain
Amethyst and Crystal
Apple Cider
Apple Cobbler
Apple Fritter
April Showers
Chalcedony Drops
Rainbow Brite
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