Lucy A. Synk

Lucy A. Synk

Graduating from Siena Heights College, MI., with a BFA, Lucy moved to Kansas City, MO., to work for Hallmark Cards. After 3½ years, she embarked on a career as a freelance fantasy artist.

Lucy has exhibited her art at galleries, SF conventions, Renaissance festivals, and art fairs.  She published illustrations and book covers in the U.S. and Europe, including the cover for Andre Norton’s book Wizard’s Worlds.

Discovering the Natural History exhibit industry, Lucy painted murals and illustrations for over a decade. She considers her Cretaceous mural, installed at the Burpee Museum of Natural History in Rockford, Illinois, the high point of that career.

Lucy’s creative energy is not all spent on her art.  With a master’s degree in Theology from Loyola University New Orleans, she explored her interests in science and faith, feminine spirituality and fantasy/SF as modern myth.

Lucy recently worked in Chicago as an educational children’s illustrator for T.S. Shure, before returning to Michigan.  Lucy is now exploring new avenues of creativity, including mixed media and “dirty-pour” painting, and a series of modern Americana that rejoices in our differences.

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Ghost Ship
The Choosing
The Flying Dutchman
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