Stormsister Designs (a.k.a. Doug Wiewel)

Stormsister Designs

A few years after seeing my first Lichtenberg figure at an art show I had an opportunity to begin making some of my own.  Lichtenberg figures are branching patterns created on the surface or interior of an insulating material by a high voltage electrical discharge.  After making many rookie mistakes and receiving valuable coaching from others who developed this art form years before me, I am now designing, exposing, and mounting my own unique pieces.  I love the challenge of making the discharge flow through the piece in a natural way and creating a beautiful image in what was originally an empty piece of acrylic.  I have advanced to stacking several pieces together to allow multiple colors at once as well as to bending and shaping some pieces to add extra dimensions.  I have also experimented with adding background colors and other media like LED lights for additional enhancements.  I am always keeping one eye open looking for an image or shape to inspire my next piece.

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