Welcome to the World of Tomorrow! Chicon 8 Approaches

We may still be a day away from the convention proper, but like the formation of a galaxy in our little corner of the cosmos, we can already see the elements being pulled together. Travelers are arriving, spaces are coming to life, schedules are being reviewed, and fans from around the world are feeling that good old collective energy.

Sometimes, it’s nice to step back and appreciate all of the great stuff happening around us. A good convention opens up our world, bringing us together as we share memorable stories and exciting programming. None of it would be possible without the fantastic people of our community: the planners, the performers, the merrymakers, the creators, and, of course, the fans. You are Chicon 8, and we are so grateful for all of you.

If you would like to share your photographs and experiences of Worldcon 2022, please send them to newsletter@chicon.org! Meanwhile, the world of tomorrow is full of potential. A galaxy is taking shape. As Chicon 8 approaches, let’s see what our fellow fans have been up to!

“Pictures from working on program operations on Monday in a boardroom!” (Kris “Nchanter” Snyder)

“I am here in Chicago with my husband Maury, who will be volunteering at the con … We are having an excellent time!” (Randee Dawn)

“Richard Fife on the Guest of Honor/Special Guest Displays team rendering videos up to the last minute, kept company by his cat, Éowyn.” (Photo taken off-site, not at the Hyatt)

“Literally rendering video on the L ride from O’Hare to the hotel.”

“Here are [some photos] from the ride up. We took the Southwest Chief from Los Angeles to here.” (Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink)

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