Frugal Finds, Good Eats, and Bookstores Galore!

Tired of Lembas Bread and… more Lembas Bread?

Are you looking for a good place to eat or grab a snack between panels and activities? You may want to try out one of the establishments below, recommended by fellow Chicon 8 attendees!

“Most of the eating establishments in the lower level are closed after 4 and on Sundays. A great place to eat almost anytime is Bockwinkel’s at 222 North Columbus Drive. They are open everyday until 11 pm. Deli salads start at $4.99 a pound and sandwiches at $6.99. In addition, there are vegan items and microwaveable entries. Just go out the Stetson exit, turn right, and you will see it across the street. Watch out for pigeons!” (Suzan Spitzberg)

“In a sea of Dunkin’ shops (nearly as many as Boston), Chicago local chain Stan’s Donuts stands out as a wicked spot for fresh breakfast sandwiches, coffee, and amazing donuts. The shop on Michigan Avenue (181 Michigan Ave) is a five-minute stroll (0.3 miles, or 0.5 km) from the Hyatt.” (Michael Nelson)

“Near Millennium Park, [there is an] excellent upscale Greek restaurant: Avli’s on the Park, 180 N. Field Blvd. [They serve] lunch & dinner daily. Expensive, but highly recommended.” (Laurie Mann)

“The website Big Travel 7 has ranked Cindy’s Rooftop, located only half a mile from the Hyatt Regency Chicago, as the best rooftop bar in the U.S.” (Steven H Silver)

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Bookstores around Chicago!

So, you’ve just finished lunch and you’re waiting for the next program to start. What to do, what to do? Well, we all love a good bookstore, don’t we?

Be sure to check out the Positron Chicago Bookish Tourist Chicon Guide, created by Casella Brookins, for local bookstore recommendations!

From the guide: “Whenever I travel, I like to play tourist mostly by checking out the bookstores and cafes. Since loads of speculative-fiction types are coming for this year’s Worldcon, I thought a book-focused tour guide of Chicago might be in order. This is an extremely partial and subjective list, there’s loads of bookstores and other writerly/readerly attractions I left off here for brevity’s sake! But, if you’re looking for an excuse to check out a neighborhood or two while you’re in town, I hope this gives you some ideas.” (Originally posted by Casella Brookins at

Special thanks to Suzan Spitzberg, Michael Nelson, Steven H Silver, Laurie Mann, and Casella Brookins for contributing these recommendations!

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