Sunrise Edition: Day One

As I’m sitting outside the Market café, enjoying my morning brew and watching the convention come to life, there’s a sense of promise in the air.

For many, it’s the promise of engaging with the stories we love, whether it be through a panel discussion, a masterwork of art, or simply connecting with a fellow fan. For others, it may be the anticipation of meeting their favorite creators and learning about how a beloved tale came to be. For myself, as a longtime convention fan and first-time Worldcon attendee, the promise of new stories is strong, and I’m looking forward to this experience with the wonderful cast of characters around me. (As you can probably tell, I have been reading and watching a lot of the Sandman series lately… What a story about stories, eh?)

I hope you have a thrilling schedule planned for the first full day of programming. I know that I’m excited to learn more about “Cyberpunk Traditions Outside the United States” in about an hour, and the upcoming Art Show tours will be something to behold. Be on the lookout for our art show report later today, as we share highlights from the Korshak and Fan Guest exhibits. And, of course, we have the Opening Ceremonies at 8 pm, where we will hear from our toastmasters, Charlie Jane Anders and Annalee Newitz, our chair, and other committee members as they provide an overview of the convention.

As many of you are probably aware, you can also find news about these events and other vital convention information through our website’s home page and various publications. The Pocket Program is especially helpful, and it has been formatted for easy viewing on smartphones, tablets, and other devices (hint: if you download it to your smartphone, it will literally fit inside your pocket!).

In a way, we are now experiencing the first chapter of Chicon 8 this morning, and all of us are taking part in telling the story of Worldcon over the next few days. While there may be moments when the plot changes tone and things do not go according to plan, there will also be unforgettable moments, friendships forged, and memories that we will cherish long after the convention comes to a close.

At the end of the day, stories are about people, even if they take place in a fantastic land or somewhere between the stars. Let’s tell a great story – together.

Rex Allen Hughes, Newsletter Editor

If you have suggestions for the newsletter, please email us at! We are accepting party news, local recommendations, photos, and “out-of-context” quotes heard around the con (PG-rated, please).

The newsletter is produced with the (much appreciated) help of several folks, including our Publications team and roving reporters, Suzan Spitzberg and Michael Nelson. We look forward to experiencing Chicon 8 with all of you!

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