Update from the Chair: Program Schedules

A couple of reminders for those of you on-site to keep track of all the awesome programming you want to see! 

ConClar (guide.chicon.org) is the most up to date program. 

If you’re having difficulty accessing it while in convention space, we recommend pulling it up on your phone in your room and taking a screenshot of your schedule, which you can then access easily even if signal is bad.

If you want a lower tech option, we have our daily schedule grids on paper at the Info Desk. Note that these had to go to the printer about two weeks ago, so they will not be fully up to date. We do have Change Sheets at the info desk as well, which are published daily.

We also had someone point out that they looked at the schedule online in their room, and then used the “handy pad of paper and pen provided to me by the Hyatt” to jot down the items they wanted to see.

-Helen Montgomery, Convention Chair

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