Ad Astra: To the Stars and Beyond!

For many of our members, Day One is coming to a close, logged into our memory banks as part of our collective story. But never fear – the adventure continues tomorrow! Be on the lookout for our full report of the Opening Ceremonies tomorrow morning, which will showcase the Hugo and Lodestar trophy designs.

Let’s look back on some of the memorable moments shared by our members! If you would like to share your Chicon 8 experiences, photos, and “Out of CONtext” quotes, please email

Out of CONtext Quote

“Please don’t lick the tablecloth.”

Photos and Experiences

“We talked with Suzanne Palmer about her writing and upcoming stories. Suzanne has written and illustrated a flash fiction story especially for this convention. She has randomly left signed copies (there are 100) all over the hotel. Watch for a copy – a great con souvenir!

Also, the gaming library has an exhibit of Mahjong sets. Among them are sets from China and Japan, as well as a teenage set. Check them out!” (Suzan Spitzberg)

Photo of Guest of Honor Steve Barnes on the Short and Sweet: Crafting an Elevator Pitch Panel

Photo from Going From Hobby to Career with Special Guest Eric Wilkerson

Art Show Setup

The San Francisco Room, before receiving the Korshak Collection

The Chengdu Worldcon Booth

From Daisy the service dog: “Wow. MIMO was rough. I’m soooo tired. Logistics did an awesome job and gave me treats. Enjoy yourself! But don’t be like Daisy. Make sure to drink water and get enough sleep!!”

Do you have Chicon 8 experiences that you would like to share? Send them to and you may be featured in a future Ad Astra post!

Special thanks to Helen Montgomery, Suzan Spitzberg, Benjamin Levy, Michael Nelson, and Maria Eskinazi for contributing to this edition of Ad Astra.

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