Chicon Signals: Day 2 Updates and News

Program Updates (as of September 2 – All times are CDT)

Session Room Changes

How Could Comic Book Tech Change Our World (Saturday at 5:30 PM): Room has changed from Grand Hall J to Grand Hall L

Japanese SFF and The Seiun Awards (Saturday at 5:30 PM): Room has changed from Grand Hall L to Grand Hall J

Session Removed

Reading – Rebecca Roanhorse
(Saturday at 1:30 PM)

Participant Changes

A Day in the Life of a Game Developer
(Saturday at 10:00 AM)
Dropped: Matt Forbeck

Reaching Past Riordan
(Sunday at 1:00 PM)
Added: Marines Alvarez
Added: Donna J. W. Munro

Code of Conduct Reporting

If someone is bothering you, or if you want to report a Code of Conduct violation, please email, call us at (312) 970-0086, or just stop in at the Ops desk in Monroe Boardroom 2 for in-person assistance.

Fan Funds Party and Silent Auction

The fan funds — TAFF, DUFF, GUFF, and FFANZ — thank Dublin 2019 and CoNZealand and their party-goers who contributed to the fan funds at Thursday night’s party. Between the donations4comix shelves and the tip jar, over $500 for the funds came from that party alone! There will be more comix out at tonight’s party, and we also thank folks visiting the Fannish Yard Sale in the Fanzine Lounge and contributing to the fan funds, where another $140+ has already been received. 

There will be a silent auction at the fan fund tables in the Fanzine Lounge running from Saturday morning to 5pm Sunday AND the live fan funds auction starts at 8:30pm Saturday in Grand Hall MN. We’re aiming to have a list of auction items posted in the Fanzine Lounge on Saturday and will post it here, too. We’ve received A LOT of amazing contributions since arriving in Chicago and came into it with amazing contributions rounded up by current and past Fan Fund Delegates. Details to come!

Upcoming Services and Meetings

Jewish Shabbat Service (open to all): Randolph 2, Friday (tonight), 7pm

Kiddush (open to all): West Tower (Skyway level, public space to the right of the elevators), Friday (tonight), 8:20 pm

Kiddush is a short Jewish ritual performed every Shabbat. We will say a blessing over kosher grape juice and kosher bread, and there should be enough for everyone to some (a small amount). This is not dinner.

Jewish Shabbos Service (open to all): Interfaith Room (Gallery 2 on the Blue Level, across the sky bridge), Saturday, 10 am

Ecumenical Christian Service (open to all): Interfaith Room (Gallery 2 on the Blue Level, across the sky bridge), Sunday, 10 am

Friends of Bill W Meetings: Interfaith Room (Gallery 2 on the Blue Level, across the sky bridge), Daily, 6pm to 7pm

Stairs to Gaming, Filk, and Third (3rd) Floor West Program Rooms

You don’t need to take the elevator up one floor! Just turn left into the area labeled Living Room, before you get to the elevator and near the tour gathering sign. Look for the stairs in the corner. It’s a quick flight up to the 3rd floor. When on the third floor, the stair entry is next to the bathrooms. Pictures of 2nd floor stair entry attached.

Gaming Updates and Mahjong Exhibit

Looking for a place to play some games? Visit the Gaming Area, located on the Third (3rd) floor of the West Tower. We have lots of games you can borrow, space for pick up games, and a number of scheduled games throughout the weekend. More details are available in the online program at

Over night gaming will take place in the West Tower, Skyway Level, in the open Gallery space once the regular gaming area closes. The gaming library will not be available, but there are plenty of open tables for people to play games with their friends.

Also, the gaming library has an exhibit of Mahjong sets. Among them are sets from China and Japan, as well as a teenage set. Check them out!

Get Well Cards

We have Get Well Soon cards for you to sign for MaryAnn Harris (wife of former Guest of Honor Charles de Lint) and Caitlin Thomas (daughter of 2022 Hugo Finalists Lynne and Michael Thomas). We know both of them will really appreciate your well wishes! The cards are at the Exhibits Desk in the Exhibit Hall. They will be delivered after the convention.

National Space Society

Come by the National Space Society table and fill out a postcard that will ride in the Blue Origin capsule atop a New Shephard Rocket! NSS will get it to Blue Origin for you! We’re located at a Fan Table in the East Tower (Purple) Level on Saturday. You can visit the National Space Society at

Special thanks to Suzan Spitzberg, Helen Montgomery, Pat Sayre McCoy, Steven H Silver, Leane Verhulst, Aaron, Paul Schneider, Geri Sullivan, Kate Wood, Dawn Hebein, and Tammy Coxen for contributing to this edition of Chicon Signals.

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