Ad Astra: All the Stars were Laughing

If you heard laughter from the Michigan 3 room yesterday afternoon, it was because 5 teams of 4-6 players each were raucously attempting to vie for honors in a pub trivia contest.

Six categories included questions about Chicago facts, sci-fi musical trivia, “match the captain to his ship,” Hugo facts, and much more! Can you answer any of these questions on your own or with a friend? Remember, no peeking at those cell phones in pub trivia!

What year did Chicago become a city?

How old was Phillip K. Dick when he died?

Name the 5 authors who have won 3 Hugos.

How many people are in the running for Hugos this year?

Competition was stiff. The score difference was less than 10 points at the end! New friends were made, and a good time was had by all.

Let’s look back on some of the memorable moments shared by our members! If you would like to share your Chicon 8 experiences, photos, and “Out of CONtext” quotes, please email And please look forward to our coverage of the Masquerade and other Chicon 8 performances tomorrow…

Out of CONtext: “Is it Sword & Sorcery when the sword is a chainsaw?”

Chengdu and Chicon 8 Committee Members

Is that a little star turtle hanging out in the exhibit hall? By the Great A’Tuin, it is!

Mmmm… Pizza, dude!

A little Mechanical Hound coffee goes a long way toward keeping this editor bright-eyed and lightning bolt-tailed!

*Coffee courtesy of the fine folks of the Ray Bradbury Center Table, found in the Exhibit Hall. Supplies may be limited, but they have lots of other cool stuff and they’re so nice!

Daily Daisy: “What a great day!!! Please tell a volunteer that they ‘R2’ AWESOME. *giggle* Be a Daisy! Say thank you!” 

Special thanks to Suzan Spitzberg, Richard Man, Randee Dawn, and Maria Eskinazi for contributing to this edition of Ad Astra.

Post Subtitle from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince), 1943 (Image found in the Public Domain)

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