Chicon Signals: Day 3 Updates and Hugo Streaming Details

Hugo Ceremony Streaming Details

The Hugo Award Ceremony will be streaming on YouTube! The channel has been embedded below and will be added to our Hugo updates tomorrow. You can also save this channel as a bookmark in your browser or set to “Watch Later” in your YouTube account.

The ceremony is not being streamed on Airmeet!

Program Updates (as of September 3 – all times are CDT)

Session Room Change

Feedback Session – Monday (Monday at 4:00 PM), Room has changed from Regency Ballroom D to Michigan 1 / Airmeet 6

Sessions Added

Reading – Jack Dann
Saturday at 8:30 PM in Airmeet Readings
Format: Reading, Area(s): Readings
Virtual Reading – Jack Dann

Virtual Feedback Session – Sunday
Sunday at 5:30 PM in Airmeet 3
Format: Other, Area(s): Convention Functions
Eddie Louise, Jennifer Rhorer
Join us for the virtual focused Chicon 8 feedback session. This is the best way to connect with the convention organizers, helping us to capture what’s going well, what improvements can be made, and any questions you have about the con. Your feedback matters, and will be heard by future Worldcon organizers as well!

Participant Changes

Craft and Chat: Writing Fashion with Mary Robinette Kowal
(Sunday at 10:00 AM)
Added: Michi Trota

Fandom Talks: SFF Anime and Comics
(Sunday at 2:45 PM)
Added: Terry Gant

Virtual Feedback Session
(Sunday at 4:30 PM)
Added: Eddie Louise
Added: Jennifer Rhorer

Reading – Jack Dann
(Saturday at 8:30 PM)
Added: Jack Dann

Volunteers Needed for Program Gophers and Move Out

Do you have some time to spare and want to fill it? Stop by Program Ops in Columbian and offer to help be a Gopher. Grab a blank volunteer slip from the desk downstairs from Columbian to record your hours and get some free stuff!

If you have some time on Tuesday, Sept 6, we could use some help unloading the art show grid into a couple of different storage units in different parts of town. Please email if you can lend a hand, likely from about 9am-4pm. 

Worldcon Chairs Photo Rescheduled to 9:30 AM Sunday

The Worldcon Chairs Photo Session has been rescheduled to 9:30 AM Sunday morning in Crystal Ballroom B, 30 minutes before the WSFS Business Meeting. If you are a former / current Worldcon Chair or know one who is present here at Chicon, please let them know that the photo session has been moved from 1 PM to 9:30 AM.

Upcoming Services and Meetings

Ecumenical Christian Service (open to all): Interfaith Room (Gallery 2 on the Blue Level, across the sky bridge), Sunday, 10 am

Friends of Bill W Meetings: Interfaith Room (Gallery 2 on the Blue Level, across the sky bridge), Daily, 6pm to 7pm

Poster Art for “Man and Atom Society”

If you were admiring the display of poster art by Kelly Freas at the “Man and Atom Society” booth, you might be interested to know that there are six total pieces. These are being displayed in rotation, two at a time, so come by Saturday, and then Sunday or Monday, to see the whole set.

Gaming Area

Looking for a place to play some games? Visit the Gaming Area, located on the Third (3rd) floor of the West Tower. We have lots of games you can borrow, space for pick up games, and a number of scheduled games throughout the weekend. More details are available in the online program at

Werewolf Game in Breezeway

Jack Frost will be hosting a Werewolf game in the 2nd floor Breezeway connecting the East and West Towers at Midnight, Saturday night. Please note that this is NOT convention function space; the hotel has given permission to use this public space to host the game and can take that permission away if we are not respectful of all hotel guests who may use it at the same time. All are welcome to join us.

Special thanks to Leane Verhulst, Paul Schneider, Jack Frost, Kevin Standlee, Ian Stockdale, Richard Man, and C.D. Carson for contributing to the Chicon Signals.

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