Party News for Friday

Social gatherings are on the horizon! The following party list is available for all members. Some parties include times that are to be determined (TBD) and may receive updates throughout the day.

You can also find information for big parties in your pocket program. We hope you’ll enjoy the Friday Night Open Filks at 8:30 pm and the Karaoke Party featuring DJ George Andaluz aka Geon at 10:00 pm!

Please see the Parties Page for information about attending and hosting parties.

Parties for Friday, September 2nd

* All parties are on the 31st – 34th floors of the East Tower *

General Technics
Room TBD, Time TBA

31st Floor

Winnipeg in 2023 NASFiC Bid
Skyline Suite, Room 3176, Time TBA

Michael Haynes At the Intersection of Love and Death Release Party
Room 3181, 9 to 11 pm

32nd Floor

Tammy’s Tastings: Toast to Ukraine
Room 3276, 1:30 pm to 4 pm

Dublin 2019 and Glasgow 2024
Astor Suite 3276 & 3283, Starting at 8pm

Starbase Indy
River View Suite, Room 3271, Time TBA

33rd Floor

Worldcon Chengdu 2023
3376 Astor, Time TBD

Seattle 2025
3352/54 Millennium Suite, Time TBA

Rochester Fantasy Fans / Buffalo in 2024 Nasfic
River View Suite, Room 3370, Starting at 9pm

Capricon 43
3371 River View, Starting at 8pm

34th Floor

The Royal Manticoran Navy
3470 Park Suite, 8pm – 1am

DisCon III Thank You Party
3474 Monarch, Starting at 8pm

Joel’s Weekly Whiskey Zoom Party
3471 Park Suite, Time TBA

Other Party Details and Forthcoming

Chengdu Worldcon 2023 Welcome Party (Please Visit Table in Exhibit Hall)
This will be a party to promote the upcoming 2023 Worldcon, to be held in Chengdu, China, in 2023. All are welcome, and we look forward to being able to answer questions people may have about the upcoming Worldcon as well as giving you a taste of Chengdu! For further questions or more information about us, feel free to stop by our tables in the exhibit hall.

DisCon III Thank You Party
DisCon III will be hosting the DisCon III Thank You Party at Chicon. We’re so grateful to the fans who attended, both in person and virtually, and all the staff and volunteers who made the 79th Worldcon a great success against seemingly impossible odds! The party will be held on Friday, September 2, starting at 8:00 pm, in Suite 3474 in the East Tower of the Hyatt Regency (the “Monarch Suite” — ooh! fancy!). In addition to good food and company, we’ll be giving away all that remains of our DisCon III merchandise, leftover souvenir books, and more!

Michael Haynes At the Intersection of Love and Death Release Party
Room 3181 – Friday Evening (9 to 11 pm). Michael Haynes will be celebrating the release of his debut short-fiction collection, At the Intersection of Love and Death, with a party in Room 3181 from 9 to 11 PM. His collection includes over two dozen stories spanning the speculative fiction genres, dealing with love, death, and the places where those experiences intersect. There will be whiskey (since characters in several of his stories drink whiskey), other beverages, and light munchies (none of which show up in his stories which calls into question his rationale for the whiskey).

Join us at the Tune in Tomorrow book release party! Randee Dawn‘s debut “funny as hell” novel from Rebellion/Solaris (Available now)
Millennium Suite (Party Floor) – Saturday, Sept. 3 from 7pm – Whenever we run out of cake. There will be snacks, drinks, raffles and … did we mention CAKE?

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