Safer Spaces

Looking for a place where you can relax and gather out of the attention of the dominant culture? Need a place to pray or meditate? Need a place with less stimulation and softer lights?

We have the spaces for you. As part of the diversity and inclusion initiatives, this year’s Chicon is including several Safer Spaces, an Interfaith Space, and the Tranquility Base (Low Sensory Space). While anyone is welcome in the Interfaith Space and Tranquility Base (Low Sensory Space), we do request that those not part of the Safer Space’s designated group not enter those spaces.

All of the Safer Spaces are found on the Blue Level in the West Tower, just across the skybridge and to the right.

People with Disabilities Safer Space (Found in Gallery 5): This room is a space set aside for People with Disabilities, both visible and invisible. Intentionally created with a more open plan to allow for better use of mobility assisting devices, this is a place where you can relax without being stared at, and it is set up to accommodate recharging scooters and other necessary devices. Here you can gather with others who understand the challenges of living with a disability and discuss frankly without worrying about able bodied opinions.

LGBTQ+ Safer Space (Located in Gallery 4): This space is for anyone who identifies as part of the LGBTQIAA+ spectrum. This room is a space for you to be able to rest, recharge, and find community with other Queer Folx from all around the world, without having to worry about the pressures of a heteronormative culture. Informal gatherings are encouraged and specific events may be considered – just reach out and ask.

BIPOC Safer Space (Situated in Gallery 3): This space is for Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color to be able to rest, recharge and find community away from  normative white culture. In addition to being a place for impromptu discussions of the panels, events, and other goings on at the convention, it can also host more organized events – just check in and ask.

Interfaith Space (Occupying Gallery 2 is the Interfaith Space): In addition to hosting certain religious services already noted in the program schedule, this room is also set aside for Friends of Bill W. Meetings from 6pm to 7pm each night, and it is also open for the Islamic times of prayer. Any time with events not scheduled the room is open for prayer or meditation by anyone. An e-Reader with sacred texts form a variety of religions is also available here. If you would like to lead a service for your religious group, please ask.

Tranquility Base (Low Sensory Space, Housed in Gallery 1): This space is for those who are feeling overwhelmed by the convention, with all the extra noise, the bright lights, and the quantity of people. This space is intentionally kept a bit dimmer and quieter than the other spaces, and it is the perfect place to find the quiet you need to rest, recharge, and restore your balance if you’re feeling maxed out.

Special thanks to Paul Schneider for contributing this information.

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