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With the 2022 Hugo Award Ceremony concluded and the closing ceremonies nearly upon us, the newsletter team would like to thank you, the members of Chicon 8, for joining us on this adventure.

Trust us, you’ll want to stick around for our final day of content. For now, let’s celebrate the time we have left with an article from Sam Lubell, contributor and last year’s editor, followed by snapshots of Worldcon 2022 shared by our members.

Celebrating Speculative Fiction All Year Round

Worldcon is just 5 days a year. What about the remaining 360? There are some ways you can keep the fun of Worldcon alive, all year round.

Of course, Worldcon is one of the most important conventions, but there are lots of other cons, as well. Your local area probably has at least one (or more) conventions. Take a look at the flyer racks in the exhibit space for conventions divided on the shelves geographically. And, of course, you can find them on the internet (Locus Magazine Convention page).

Your local area probably already has a local science fiction club. Check around large cities and college campuses. If one doesn’t exist, you can start one! Many clubs start by meeting in libraries or people’s homes.

There are also national science fiction and fantasy organizations, too. The National Fantasy Fan Federation has monthly publications and an online convention.

Your favorite authors probably have an online presence on Twitter, Facebook, and email newsletters. They would love it if you subscribed.

There are many online magazines, fanzines, and webzines online, many of which have comment sections. Check the list of Hugo nominations for a good place to start.

See you online or at a future Worldcon!

– Sam Lubell, Newsletter Contributor

Is this a cake or the cover to Randee Dawn’s debut novel? How about both? Randee served this cake, shaped like the TV on her book’s cover, at her Saturday night party.  

The wonderful Locus table!

Moments in the Korshak Collection (Photos Encouraged)

Daily Daisy: Daisy was VERY disappointed with the Brother Printer. “I really thought this would work. It’s supposed to be a COPY machine. But all I get is the paper – not Pup-A-Roni!”

Don’t be like Daisy. Don’t keep printing treats. 

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