Beef Sandwiches, Superheroes, and Firespinners!

Replicator malfunctioning? Holodeck on the fritz?

It sounds like you could use some good food and entertainment recommendations! Fortunately, your Chicon 8 newsletter team is on the case.

Al’s #1 Beef and Chicon Dining Guide

“I have had my first genuine Chicago Beef sandwich. Based on the Staff Recommended Star in the Chicon 8 Dining Guide, I decided to walk to the closest Al’s #1 Beef Shop on North Wells Street, which is about 0.70 miles (1.2 km) from the Hyatt. A certain Chicon Chair believes another restaurant has the best Chicago Beef, but it is eight miles away.

I ordered a Regular Beef with added Hot Giardiniera Italian Relish. You can order a sandwich dry (you may ask for the meat cooking juice on the side), wet, or dipped in ‘gravy.’ You can add sweet peppers or cheese as well. The regular is 5 inches long. You can also order Big or Jumbo. On the recommendation of the Chair’s partner, I ordered my sandwich dipped and now know the meaning of the expression ‘The Chicago Stance.'”

Highly Recommended! Al’s #1 Beef, 548 N Wells St, Chicago, IL 60654

-Michael Nelson, Newsletter Reporter

Ray Bradbury Exhibit and Comics, Comics, Comics!

If you’re heading down Michigan Avenue to see all of the sites, you’re probably already aware of the big attractions. You can find them in any guide book online or around the city. However, this is a sci-fi and fantasy convention. There are bound to be several (hundred) Ray Bradbury and comic book fans in our midst!

The American Writers Museum off of Michigan (180 N. Michigan Avenue, 2nd Floor) is now hosting Ray Bradbury: Inextinguishable, a celebration of this fantastic writer’s life. The museum will be open from 10am – 5 pm tomorrow (Thursday-Monday, 10am – 5pm). You can find more information on tickets and check out the virtual exhibit online today!

Another little gem just off of Michigan that you may miss (especially due to the work scaffolding) is Graham Cracker Comics Loop ( 77 E. Madison Street).This place is packed to the gills with comics and pop culture items to satiate any fan of sequential art. They also have a deep selection of back issues, which is not something that can be said of every comic store these days.

LED was cool! Now… how about some real fire?

If you’re from the Chicago area or planning to stick around for a while, Raks Geek will be performing their Sci-Fi and Fantasy Speakeasy show at the Newport on September 9th (9 – 10:30 pm)! Maybe you missed your chance to see them during the Masquerade – or you just want to experience the magic again! Either way, be sure to grab your tickets! And remember, this time, there will be fire.

Special thanks to Michael Nelson for contributing to these recommendations!