WSFS: Sunday Business Meeting

Sunday’s Site Selection (Second Main) WSFS Business Meeting received the site selection results for the 2024 Worldcon and the 2023 NASFiC (separate report forthcoming) and received a presentation from the 2023 Chengdu Worldcon before taking up new constitutional amendments. As with previous reports, all references to item numbers are to the WSFS Business Meeting agenda, which is available on the Chicon website at:

Before taking up new proposals, the meeting received a report regarding item E.2, and then ratified the proposal passed on from last year in a slightly different form that does not require additional re-ratification.

Turning to the new constitutional proposals, item F.1 (eliminating a minimum vote percentage requirement for Hugo Award categories) passed and item F.2 (an alternative proposal to F.1) was rejected. Item F.3 was converted from a constitutional change to a new standing rule affecting the Business Meeting and then was adopted. Item F.4 (creating a new Hugo Award category for Best Game or Interactive Work) was also adopted. Items F.1 and F.4 will be passed on to the 2023 Chengdu Worldcon for ratification at their Business Meeting. Item F.6 (modifications to the Best Pro and Best Fan Artist Hugo Award categories) was referred to a committee for further discussion over wording issues, with instructions to report back to next year’s meeting. The meeting ran out of time to consider the remaining items today, which means there will be an “overflow” meeting on Monday.

The Monday Final Business Meeting will start at 10 AM sharp in Crystal Ballroom B on the ground floor of the West Tower. The remaining items of new business are F.5 (Fan vs. Pro), F.7 (One Rocket per Customer), and F.8 (A Work by Any Other Name). The meeting staff warns the members that any items not considered by the time of final adjournment tomorrow die.

Special thanks to Kevin Standlee for contributing the WSFS report.

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