Party News for Sunday

Social gatherings are on the horizon! The following party list is available for all members. Some parties include times that are to be determined (TBD) and may receive updates throughout the day.

You can also find a full party list on the Chicon Parties page! However, if there are any updates or additional details, you will find these changes reflected in this newsletter post and our Chicon Signals evening post.

You can also find information for big parties in your pocket program. We hope you’ll enjoy the Ars Arcanum heavy metal odyssey in Plaza AB (7 pm) and the Sunday Night Open Filks in Dusable and Field (8:30 pm)!

Parties for Sunday, September 4th

*All parties are on the 31st – 34th floors of the East Tower.*

31st Floor

Winnipeg in 2023 NASFiC Bid
Skyline Suite, Room 3176, Time TBA

32nd Floor

Glasgow 2024: A Worldcon for All Our Futures
Astor Suite 3276 & 3283, Starting at 9pm, Win Party

Starbase Indy
River View Suite, Room 3271 – 10pm

Minneapolis in 2073
3282, Starting at 6pm

33rd Floor

Seattle 2025
3352/54 Millennium Suite, Time TBA

34th Floor

The Royal Manticoran Navy
3470 Park Suite, 8pm – 1am

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